Preventing Warts
By Dr. Kyle Sundblad
June 10, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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Plantar warts are a very common podiatric skin condition. At Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Care in Sterling Heights, MI, Dr. Samantha Gibson and Dr. Kyle Sundblad can treat these painful, ugly bumps on the soles of patients's feet. Warts can be treated, but also prevented.

Just what is a wart?

It's a circumscribed, rough bump of hardened skin. While warts appear on other areas of the body, such as the hands, plantar warts on the heel and other areas of the sole of the foot happen very frequently, and they can be painful.

Additionally, because they are caused by a virus--HPV, specifically--warts spread by person to person contact and by touching surfaces contaminated by the microbe. Yes, if you go barefoot outside or in a public shower area, you easily can become infected by HPV through a minute break in the skin.

What you can do about warts

As soon as you notice a solitary wart or a group of warts (mosaic warts) beginning to form, contact your podiatrist in Sterling Heights. Dr. Gibson or Dr. Sundblad will examine your feet and determine an appropriate course of treatment.

Common wart treatments may involve:

  • In-office freezing (also called cryosurgery)
  • Cautery (removing the warts with heat)
  • Surgical excision (please, don't try this at home)
  • Salicylic acid preparations, such as Compound W
  • Laser removal
  • Application of duct tape (the University of Michigan calls this tape occlusion)

Prevention, however, always is best. Good hygiene helps, including:

  • Regular hand washing to avoid spreading HPV to other areas of your body and to other people
  • Wearing sandals in the gym, locker room, and shower
  • Wearing shoes outside
  • Keeping your feet clean and changing socks daily
  • Never sharing personal care items, such as towels or soap, with others, even family members
  • Daily moisturizing of your feet to limit cracking

Be wart-free at last

As stubborn as plantar warts are, you can have clear skin again. Please contact Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Care in Sterling Heights. Dr. Sundblad and Dr. Gibson provide expert podiatric care you can trust. Phone us about your warts or any other foot or ankle issue: (586) 731-7873.


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