Tightness in the Achilles Tendon

How your podiatrists in Sterling Heights, MI, can help with Achilles tendon and heel pain

The Achilles tendon does some important things, including moving your foot. When your Achilles tendon is tight, it can cause pain in your foot, especially your heel.

Dr. Kyle Sundblad and Dr. Sadegh Arab at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Care, in Sterling Heights, MI, offer total foot care, including treatment of Achilles tendon problems and heel pain.

Tightness in your Achilles tendon can happen from:

  • Not sufficiently stretching the tendon before participating in a sport
  • Experiencing a sports injury
  • Being involved in an accident
  • Overuse without adequate rest

Some of the most common Achilles tendon-related conditions include:

  • Achilles tendonitis, which is inflammation of the tendon
  • Achilles tendinosis, which occurs over time
  • Tennis leg, which is caused by repeatedly pushing off of one leg
  • Achilles tendon rupture, which happens from sudden movement of the Achilles tendon

You can do a lot to prevent tightness and injury to your Achilles tendon. Remember to:

  • Stretch thoroughly before any activity involving your feet or legs
  • Substitute low-impact activities, which limit tendon stress
  • Walk or run on even, dry surfaces to avoid tendon injuries
  • Wear comfortable, appropriate footwear with plenty of support

Increase the intensity of your activities gradually, as you improve your physical conditioning. This helps keep you from overusing or injuring the Achilles tendon.

For moderate to severe Achilles tendon and heel pain, it’s best to visit a specialist, your podiatrist. Common Achilles tendon treatments include:

  • Palliative treatments including ultrasound, physical therapy, and thermal therapy
  • Wearing supportive devices including a cast or walking boot for added support while the tendon heals
  • Cortisone injections into the Achilles tendon to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and inflammation

Achilles tendon tightness can cause substantial heel pain, making it difficult to walk and perform your daily activities. Your podiatrist can help you feel better.

To learn more about the treatment of Achilles tendon and heel pain, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Kyle Sundblad and Dr. Sadegh Arab at Advanced Foot, Ankle & Wound Care, in Sterling Heights, MI, at (586) 731-7873. Call today!

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